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Roofing, Siding & Ventilation

Frequently used for commercial and agricultural projects, steel roofing and siding are also finding favor in residential designs.

We use heavy-gauge materials that are long-lasting, low maintenance, and are available in many factory-applied paint colors.  

  • 28-gauge steel
  • 40-year warranty
  • Matching trim and accessories
  • Many color options to choose from


Our premium fasteners feature a cupped head that encapsulates the washer, enhancing sealing performance.

  • 5/16” screw head guaranteed never to rust
  • Powder-coated to match paint colors
  • Micro-Bit drill point reduces metal shavings

As part of your building design process, we’ll also help you consider:


Dormers add architectural interest and let in natural light.

  • Custom built
  • Operable or faux options


Custom built cupolas are available in your choice of style, color, and size.

  • Windows and Louvers
  • Color coordinated with building siding
  • Aluminum clad and cedar


Dripstop condensation control is a membrane applied to the underside of roof panels to prevent condensation in unconditioned buildings.

  • 20-year adhesion warranty
  • UL® 723 Approved for flame spread and smoke generation
  • Approved for use in livestock buildings

Soffit and Ridge Vents

Keep air circulating through your building. Our ridge vent material fills the gap between the trim and panel, offering wind-driven rain resistance at more than 100mph.

  • Fits any roof pitch
  • Attractive, low-profile appearance
  • 40-year limited warranty


Manage rainfall to protect the area around your building.

  • 20-year paint warranty
  • 6” gutters, .032 gauge
  • 5” gutters, .027 gauge
  • Downspouts, .019 gauge

Snow Guards

Durable, rigid guards defend against snow and ice melt.

  • 15-year warranty
  • Powder coated or mill finish
  • 16 gauge stainless steel
  • EPDM rubber seal