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Perma Column

Perma-Column® precast concrete columns raise the post above the surface of the ground. A heavy-duty steel anchor bracket is used to connect the wood post to the concrete. These brackets can also be used to attach a wood post to a traditional poured concrete foundation. 3 times stronger than regular concrete Internal steel reinforced ½”… Continue reading Perma Column

Green Posts

The Green PostTM System uses a heat-shrinking process to apply a heavy-duty wrap to the bottom of each post, preventing direct contact with the soil.    Double barrier system Polyethylene wrap – a proven damp-proof membrane used for 50+ years Bitumen – a protective wood coating used for 1200+ years Uplift restraint notch

Post Protectors

Post Protectors are a barrier system that prevents microorganisms in the soil from coming into contact with the wood and causing decay. The protector simply slides over the end of each post before it is buried. Easy slide-on installation 449-year geo-application life Horizontal ribs for uplift protection Vertical venting to allow post to breathe

Direct Burial

Burying posts directly in the ground creates a simple and effective foundation for your building. Modern treated wood products are rated to resist decay.